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AmpToad was created in effort to share with everyone what was a personal journey to find quality parts.
Wanting to teach my daughter how to create circuits, program, and build things like robots we first started ordering parts off our favorite auction site. Unfortunately, most parts we ordered were junk. Most product we received were DOA and others failed soon after. It became apparent that sellers really only care about making sales and could not care less if the products were actually good quality. Products was rushed on many of the parts, leading to cold solder joints, misaligned components and parts being but in backwards.

So what does one do to find quality?

We started going directly to the manufacturer to place orders. Some are really good and others... not so much. Eventually, my co-workers wanted me to order parts for themselves and to teach their families. In time, that lead me to open an auction site. Auction site have their limitations as well. They are very restrictive on sales are conducted and do not offer much in the way of a community building and sharing of information.

Welcome to!

We are all about community and sharing of ideas. Over time we will be building a network of tinkers, facilitating meetings and events, as well as always offering quality products at very low cost.