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Advanced Arduino Electonics Kit


Package Contents
1 x Funduino UNO R3
1 x Sensor prototyping shield
1 x 140 hole breadboard
1 x 830 points Breadboard
40 x Pin headers (straight)
40 x Pin headers (angled)
1 x Kit Box
10 x LED Colored [Red]
10 x LED Colored [Yellow]
10 x LED Colored [Green]
6 x LED Colored [White]
1 x 3 Color LED Patch
2 x 7-seg LED 1x module
1 x 7-seg LED 4 x module
1 x 8*8 DOT MATRIX
1 x Integrated Circuit (IC 74HC595 DOT Matrix)
1 x Integrated Circuit (Max7219 IC DOT Matrix)
1 x 1602 LCD module
1 x IR mini remote control
1 x Buzzer(Passive)
1 x Buzzer(Active)
1 x SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
1 x Rain Sensor
1 x Mercury Element
1 x Photo resistor
1 x Flame sensor
1 x Infrared receiver
1 x LM35 Temperature sensor
1 x RFID red plate
1 x RFID Key Chain
1 x RFID white card
5 x Switch button (small)
10 x Switch button (large)
1 x Joy Stick
1 x Joy Stick Button
1 x 4 * 4 Membrane Key Pad
1 x Potentiometer 5K Ω
1 x Potentiometer 10K Ω
1 x Single 5V relay
8 x Resistor 220 Ω
5 x Resistor 1K Ω
5 x Resistor 10K Ω
1 x Motor driver board
1 x 9G Servo
1 x 5V stepper motor
1 x 5V Electric Motor
1 x USB Cable
60 x M ~ M DuPont connect wire
10 x F ~ F DuPont ribbon wire
1 x 6 x "AA" Battery Box

Product Features
Enough sensor and parts to complete many development projects
Excellent build quality, no cold solder joints
Good quality breadboard, not the cheap kind that bends leads
Quality kit box, will not crack if dropped or bent
Plenty of jumper cables and breadboard wires with variable lengths and color